Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Baby girl nursery ideas can be some of the most fun to create. As I think about what choices might be thought of for the nursery of a little girl, pink comes to mind and flowers and butterflies. Given a little thought you will be able to think of a theme that will work for your nursery.

Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing for you.

  • Scroll tree with flowers and furry friends. Create a simple wall mural with a tree and a few flowers, forest animals and such.
  • Princesses and a castle. What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? Why not start right away with the inevitable and decorate her nursery with castle décor and princesses?
  • Flowers and butterflies. Use multiple wall decals to create a beautiful garden with flowers and butterflies that fill her room with life and color.
  • Doll house décor. Apply a doll house mural complete with the dog and the cat and don’t forget to add some flowers and perhaps some butterflies.
  • Pink alphabet wall decals. Get a set or two of pink letter decals and decorate the room with an alphabet or even write her name on the wall with them.
  • Sesame street. You can use the entire gang or just Abby Cadabby, Elmo, big bird or any of your other favorite characters.
  • Fairy princess. Use peel and stick fairy princess decals to decorate the room. This would be a good addition to a castle theme as well.
  • Fairy garden. Create a garden with flowers and butterflies and then add some fairies in the mix to bring a little magic to the room. Watch as your little girl recognizes the difference between the fairies and the butterflies.
  • Disney princess or fairy theme. Decorate with a favorite Disney movie theme with characters from one or more of the movies you know she will love.

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